The Quiet - (Scene: What's that smell)

In the midst of a deadly outbreak, a man returns home in search of family.



ISABELLA - (Scene: The Interview)

An AI expert is assigned to test a problematic maid droid that starts singing spontaneously, and in the end, digs out an astounding secret.

(Editor and VFX)

DOUBLE - (Scene: Mae meets Zoe)

 An adrenline junkie finds himself in a situation he can't back out of.



Gym Class Stories - (Scene: Mr. Jurick Plays)

A high school senior goes toe to toe with his gym teacher.



The Letter - (Scene: The Letter Arrives)

A quiet thriller about a young woman who is worried about a letter her friend receives.


(Editor and Colorist)

Notes on Being Young - (Scene: Where is She?)

Daniel finds himself at a psychiatric center where he meets Lou, a soul mate with a mysterious past.




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