Peephole - (Scene: He Tried to Break In)

John's idyllic family is being disrupted by his wife, Linda, losing her job and craving his attention all the time by making him jealous and distracting from work.


ISABELLA - (Scene: The Interview)

An AI expert is assigned to test a problematic maid droid that starts singing spontaneously, and in the end, digs out an astounding secret.

(Editor and VFX)

ACTION - (Scene: Need More)

 An adrenline junkie finds himself in a situation he can't back out of.


Gym Class Stories - (Scene: Mr. Jurick Plays)

A high school senior goes toe to toe with his gym teacher.



The Letter - (Scene: The Letter Arrives)

A quiet thriller about a young woman who is worried about a letter her friend receives.

(Editor and Colorist)

Notes on Being Young - (Scene: Where is She?)

Daniel finds himself at a psychiatric center where he meets Lou, a soul mate with a mysterious past.



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